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The Procrastivity Pipeline

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The Procrastivity Pipeline is a FREE monthly Ezine for business owners and professionals who want the insider secrets to dramatically rocket their effectiveness. You?ll get loads of leading edge resources to help YOU optimize your professional and personal profit and satisfaction. This publication has been valued at $97 per year. You?ll learn how to: Make the most of your time and effort without using cumbersome, confusing, time-consuming systems, so you have more leisure time to enjoy your life Maintain impressive levels of productivity consistently and sustainably, giving you the results you can take to the bank without burning yourself out Maximize every hour while profoundly reducing your stress level ? and increasing your freedom ? using simple, fast techniques Easily focus on the right projects and initiatives that will give you the results ? and the profit ? you?ve been struggling for, with a lot less effort Create the business and career that allows you the time to do the things you LOVE to do but thought you?d have to wait until retirement to indulge in. Plus you?ll get FREE information on my highly-acclaimed Procrastination Solutions Kit.

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